Raymond Walter Gray
Family Chart
update Nov 2009
My husbands paternal Grandparents -
Raymond and Elenore
Days fly by quickly
and children move on.
Before we know it
the "old times" are gone.
But as we look back
at generations gone by,
We, reflect on the memories
that serve as a tie.
Binding us together
and building a story
that forever will last.              Shannon Fahine
Family Name History - Gray

bearer because of his grey hair or pale face. The word Gray
comes from the old English "graeg",meaning "grey". Early comes
from the old English "graeg",meaning "grey". Early English
sources refer to the name regularly: it first appears in the 1173
Buckinghamshire Pipe Rolls, where Baldwin Greie, Sewyn le
Gray and Philip le Grey are registered. "Le" means simply "the".
le Gray and Philip le Grey are registered. "Le" means simply "the".

In the second instance, the name may be of local origin, a name
based on the name of a place where a man once lived or held
land. In this case, the name is derived from the placename
Graye, in Calvados, Normandy. This form of the name was
brought to Britain by the Normans, and it features in early sources
from the time of the Conquest. Anschitill Grai, de Grai, is recorded
in the Domesday Book, 1086, in Oxfordshire. In the Hundred
Rolls, 1273, Robert de Gray is registered in Oxfordshire, John de
Gray in Cambridgeshire, and Eva de Gray in Somerset. The
name is found throughout Britain. Here, "de" means "from".
poet Thomas Gray (1716-1771), whose "Elegy in a Country in the
English language.in the English language.